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Victoria Aikido Centre


At Victoria Aikido Centre, children will learn to roll and fall safely, breathe more effectively, relax, and respond appropriately to aggression. The children develop improved self-discipline, calmer dispositions, confidence, and respect for themselves and others. The classes are conducted in a safe, friendly, formal-but-fun atmosphere that allows each child to develop at his or her own rate of progress. We provide a fun and supportive environment for kids to develop into all they can be.

CHILD (age 6-8); YOUTH (age 9-12), JUNIOR TEEN (age 13-15), and SENIOR TEEN (age 16-18).

Facility Information

Phone 1: 250-477-4899
Address: 690 Sumas Street
Area: Victoria City
Facility Link: victoriaaikidocentre.com/

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