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1Up, Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre
1Up, Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre

Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts


The VAD Arts Junior Actors Conservatory invites youth aged 9-15 for a summer break intensive in film acting. During four morning sessions, participants are introduced to acting for camera, auditioning for film and TV, and what it's like to be on set. Each day actors will explore their creativity through improv games, scene creation and characterization.

Acting for the Camera – 8-11 years
This introductory class offers young people a chance to explore the craft of film acting. Students will work on audition scenes, partner scenes, and group projects. Each class will include drama and improv games to inspire creativity and scene creation. We'll also learn about audition and on-set etiquette, and what it is to be a professional in the film industry (even when you're not full grown!). The class will conclude with a family and friends screening showcasing the students' work.

Facility Information

Phone 1: 250-580-2588
Address: 618 Yates Street
Area: Victoria City
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