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1Up, Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre

The Cridge Centre for the Family


The purpose of the society is to help children, adults and families, to maximize their opportunities

to participate and grow in the responsibilities and enjoyment of family life and loving relationships; and
to achieve spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social potential
The manner in which The Cridge Centre for the Family will pursue these purposes will include:

offering support, counsel, education and training;
receiving into its facilities or otherwise helping those who, for a time, have special needs;
providing housing, residential and/or institutional care;
being a resource to individuals or organizations who minister to families, their members and those deprived of family relationships.

Facility Information

Phone 1: 250-384-8058
Address: 1307 Hillside Avenue,
Area: Victoria City
Facility Link: cridge.org/

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1Up, Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre