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Nellie McClung Library


Meeting place, living room, technology hub, nerve centre. Nellie McClung Branch is go, go, go from open to close.

Named for suffragette and author Nellie McClung, who lived in nearby Gordon Head, the branch is located near the busy intersection of McKenzie and Shelbourne. Nellie McClung is the "it" branch for several nearby schools, including the University of Victoria, and seniors' centres.

Its location by two major arteries makes it a convenient meeting place for students studying with tutors, adults commuting to and from work, and neighbourhood folk looking to relax with the newspaper, connect with others and see what's new at the library.

With seating throughout the branch, Nellie McClung is a great space to learn to navigate a new device, do online research into your ancestry or get help with a digital resource.

Facility Information

Phone 1: (250) 940-4875
Address: 3950 Cedar Hill Rd
Area: Saanich
Facility Link: www.gvpl.ca/branches-hours/nellie-mcclung-branch/

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