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Juan de Fuca Library


Look around the Juan de Fuca Branch, and you'll see the library is an extension of home. Adults read in their favourite nooks; kids learn through play with puzzles, puppets, toys and books; teens type away at their laptops, with easy access to research materials and help from a librarian.

With its sky-high ceilings and 1,500-square-foot wall of windows, Juan de Fuca is a public space everyone can feel welcome in, a sanctuary of knowledge that is also a comfortable place to connect with others.

Located in the north end of Colwood, the Juan de Fuca Branch is the largest of three GVPL branches in the West Shore. It's a hub of activity, especially in the programming room, used for storytimes and general interest programs for all ages.

In the branch, you'll find cozy corners for reading, learning and leisure, and outside, you can feed your heart and soul with a walk through beautiful trails.

Facility Information

Phone 1: (250) 940-4875
Address: 1759 Island Hwy
Area: Colwood
Facility Link: www.gvpl.ca/branches-hours/juan-de-fuca-branch/