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Crag X Climbing Centre


We focus on quality setting for soulful climbing. When we teach newcomers, we try to show them why we love climbing, not just how to manage the safety gear. We love being a place for friends to hang out and for a community to spend time together. We still try every day to get it right.


This lesson teaches youth all the skills necessary to start climbing on their own.

At the first 2 hour session participants will learn how to put on a harness, tie the proper knots and safely manage the rope belay systems. Skills are reviewed in follow up visits to ensure retention. Mastery of safety skills must be attained to gain independent access. Each course includes rental equipment for the lesson and TWO WEEKS of FREE entry to the gym so that youth can engrave their new skills.

Facility Information

Phone 1: 250-383-4628
Address: 769 Pandora Ave
Area: Victoria City
Facility Link:

1Up, Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre